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Burnishers & Floor Machines

Shop Burnishers & Floor Machines at Bulstars - auctions and best prices

Burnish and buff floors comfortably with self-propelled walk-behind burnishers or ride-on burnishers engineered to bring out the lustre in your hard surface floors. Our industrial-strength floor burnishers come in a variety of sizes and power system configurations. Choose the one best suited to maintain a clean sheen on your floors. In addition to selling top-tier machines, Bulstars is your trusted partner for parts, supplies and services.

Look for these features to help you select a floor burnisher that matches your needs:

  • Dust Control — Reduce airborne dust and improve indoor air quality with dust control and HEPA filtration.
  • Manual Battery Watering System— Eliminate the need for open-battery maintenance and minimize the risk of acid contact with this optional feature. Batteries with a manual battery watering system require less maintenance and have a longer life.
  • Battery Power — Protect operators from propane fumes with the quiet performance and high-gloss results of powerful battery burnishers.
  • Set and Forget — Get consistent cleaning performance and eliminate guesswork for operators when you set and lock in the optimum pad pressure for your environment.