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Shop Extractors at Bulstars - auctions and best prices

Bulstars sells dependable carpet cleaning machines and upholstery cleaners for every environment — from compact carpet extractors to ride-on dual technology extractors that perform interim and deep cleaning. In addition to selling top-tier carpet extractor cleaning innovations, Bulstars is your trusted partner for parts, supplies and services.

Every carpeted environment needs consistent care, including daily vacuuming and occasional deep extraction cleaning. Get fast-drying interim cleaning in high-traffic areas with walk-behind or ride-on industrial carpet cleaners and tackle touch-ups with a compact carpet extractor. Trust our dependable, long-lasting machines and time-tested components for all your carpet care needs.

Many of our carpet extractors and upholstery cleaners come with patented ReadySpace technology. Readyspace removes soil before it becomes embedded, extending the life of the carpet and extending the time between deep cleanings. This breakthrough carpet-cleaning technology leaves carpets clean, dry and ready for traffic in less than 30 minutes. With ReadySpace you will:

  • Use less water; never saturate the carpet.
  • Minimize odours and moulds caused by excess water.