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Sweeper Scrubbers

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Whether your crews only have time for one-pass cleaning or you only have room — on the floor or in your budget — for a single machine, industrial sweeper scrubbers from Bulstars will help you keep your facility looking the best it can possibly look. Choose the high-quality construction of a sweeper scrubber for durable and dependable performance in challenging environments. In addition to selling top-tier machines and cleaning innovations, we are your trusted partner for parts, supplies and services to keep you consistently cleaning.

When you need to sweep, scrub or do both at once, our Scrubber-Sweepers are dependable, long-lasting machines with time-tested components. Take your cleaning to the next level when you add on innovative, industry-leading cleaning technologies that minimize water use and diminish the need for detergents so you can maintain a safer facility and reduce your environmental footprint.

  • Reduce chemical and water use with scrubbers featuring ec-H2O Technology that electrically converts water into an effective cleaning solution.
  • Extend scrubbing time while decreasing water consumption and detergent use with ES Extended Scrubbing Technology.